Terms and conditions for application feedback promotion:

In order to keep track of entries, you are required to email ​ developers@abckustoms.com​.  If you decide to leave a review on the Google Play store or the Apple App Store just email us a
screenshot with your name.  We are working on a better platform for submissions.

One sticker per participant. One bulb per participant. One participant per household. Can be exchanged for in-store credit. Participants have 7 days to pick up bulbs and stickers. If the
merchandise is exchanged for in-store credit, participants will have 30 days to use the in-store credit before it expires.

For out of state or long distance participants, we will work out shipping arrangements.

Promotion is subject to end at anytime without notice. ( However, we will try to give a 30 day
heads up )

Clients who are entered to win the free speakers will be randomly selected.  One entry per client.  Speakers can be exchanged for in-store credit.  The winner of the free pair of speakers will have 7
days to pick up the speakers, or 30 days to use the in-store credit.
In-store credit will be provided via coupon code, that can be applied at checkout.
Coupon codes can be used for installation costs as well.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. ( Once again, we will try to give a
heads up if there are changes)