RGBs for front foot well (under driver and passenger dash) with RF Starting at $95 with parts included!
RGBs for front foot well with BT Starting at $100 with parts included!
RGBS for front foot well and rear accent (normally under the front seats) with RFStarting at $155 with parts included!
RGBS for front foot well and rear accent with BTStarting at $160 with parts included!
For more custom applications and patterns shoot us an email with your thoughts! Sales@abckustoms.com
Standard radio installStarting at $40
Standard Amplifier install (Mono or two channel)Starting at $80
Standard multi channel amplifier install Starting at $100
Multiple amps (Subs and Multichannel)Starting at $150
Back up camera installationsStarting at $60

At ABCKustoms, we are constantly striving to be unique.

We are constantly striving to give you something more then what you expect. We want to offer the best quality provides matched with even better installations.

Double the RGBs for double the experience! We will ALWAYS do our best to give you more.

If you have ever had RGBs installed or even played with them, surely you have noticed how… “colorful” the white can be. Well, we offer an upgrade package for an additional $10-$20 more that include the new RGBW LEDs. The W stands for white, and as you can see, they have their own dedicated white LED for that true bright white we all love.

For those that know they only want white, check out this option! Now these are not the standard 5050 LEDs these are the smaller 3528 LEDs. But don’t let their small size fool you. THESE GUYS ARE BRIGHT!