If you have any experience with programming this could be a great way to grow your knowledge and gain even more experience. Some of the more complex installations require the programming of Arduino based micro-controllers. Arduinos use C++ programming language, which is currently handled by me. I am also working on a few applications for ABCKustoms, such as a search-engine database for vehicle look up information. For example, if you have browsed around the site (as young as it may be) you probably noticed the store. However, not everyone knows what bulb size their vehicle requires. So I would like to implement that as well as wiring diagram information, and tutorial videos. I have most of the data in Excel format and it doesn’t make a difference what program language is used. Web design would be a plus as well, as you can tell, my posts are kind of out dated. 

This will be a job that doesn’t require you to come in everyday. As you can probably tell, everything can be handled from your computer. So this is a job that would be perfect for students! I do plan to work very closely with the software developer, so their will be either in person discussions or through Visual Studio, GitHub or some similar collaboration platform. 


Some proof of previous programming experience. Please submit at least one program you have developed or worked on. If you have .exe files then send me a cloud storage link and I will open them in a virtual machine. (You can submit these when you submit your application) 

Preferred Qualifications: 

Knowledge in the 12 volt industry. 

Multiple program submissions

Arduino and or Raspberry Pi experience

Familiarity with C++,Python,.NET, PHP, or SQL.

GitHub Account

Experience with Visual Studio


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