This will be the toughest job for me to fill. I currently handle everything with ABCKustoms, and we are built on my beliefs. Everyone has their own way of doing things and everyone has their own way of thinking. And I respect that. However, when I worked at a shop, I saw the “shortcuts” that people were taking and it just didn’t seem right or fair. I believe in making an installation forever,clean, and most importantly, affordable. It will be hard for me to find someone trust worthy enough to satisfy this position. However, I feel this job category will receive most (if not all) of the applications. And the reason I am hiring help is to relieve stress and allocate more time to business development and customer experiences. I personally enjoy the installations, and hope to find employees in the other categories, so please keep that in mind. However, if I cannot find other help in other areas, I am willing to take on a wing man and hopefully eventually you will handle all of the installations. 

This job isn’t something you will come to every day like a “regular” job. I will work with your schedule.

Required Requirements: 


Experience in the 12 volt industry. ( not just your buddy’s truck )

Proof of at least 3 installations you have completed, as well as at least one reference. ( for example if you worked on 3 vehicles, I need one of the vehicles owner’s contact information) You can submit these when you submit your application 

Preferred Qualifications:

Mecp certification.

Experience with fabrication such as woodworking and metalworking.

Experience with CAD programs.


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