ABCKustoms? What’s that?

We strive to provide the best prices with even better services.

We are an authorize retailer for Sony, Powerbass, Audio Control, Rockford Fosgate, Racesport Lighting, Super Bright LEDs, and more.

You can rest assured that if you bought it from ABCKustoms, you bought it from an authorized retailer. Since we do not have a storefront, this saves us money, but more importantly, it saves YOU money.

To better assist our customers, we now offer PayPal Credit!

Not only do we sell quality products for the best prices, we also provide certified installation as well. We even offer mobile installation on some products.

We never like to say anything is impossible. Have you ever been told can’t have aftermarket audio components installed in your vehicle? We hear that all the time and very rarely, is that actually the case. We have designed and 3D printed aftermarket dash kits, templates, and adapters to help prove that with us, the “impossible” can be made possible.
Whether you need some custom LEDs, parking assist accessories, remote start conveniences, keyless entry, alarms, or any other 12v accessory, keep us in mind and we promise you will not be disappointed.
We don’t just stop with 12 volt products either. We have installed LED lighting in some local businesses as well!

A little about how we came about.

ABCKustoms was founded by 3 friends (Andrew, Brannon, and Chandler). It actually started as a joke after we built our first sub woofer enclosure for Chandler’s girlfriend. That same week we installed some LED lights in Andrew’s truck.

As time went by, the crew slowly started parting ways as life progressed. Andrew, in between being a father and husband, helps out when he can. I owe my inspiration to ABCKustoms’ logo to him!

With Chandler working full time (some times with two jobs) AND going to school, can’t afford to dedicate the time I am sure he would like to on ABCKustoms.

I (Brannon), stuck with it a little longer then they had the time for, and after 3 years, I decided to divert my focus from my old audio shop (Audio Central), and pursue the life of the “Lone Wolf Shop”. And I have never looked backed.

I have always loved working on cars, playing with new toys, and above all, making people happy.

I want to provide my customers with high quality products, with even better customer service. Whether that service be, expert advice, price matching, or even installation assistance, I WILL try my hardest.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us or email us.